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Great News, Dave is hiring

He says he's fed up of trawling through hundreds of CVs. He wants a pool of talent who actually express an interest in working for him and share a passion for the industry, not just the salary he could offer!

Dave is hiring
Dave signed up

So, he signed up to BeHunted ... good idea Dave!

He added some information about his company, their work ethics and work environment. Straight away he had a list of potential candidates, each with a match score based on whose work preferences, ethics and needs matched that of his company.

Now meet James ... He's on the hunt for a job!

For years he has wanted to work for Dave so decides to connect with him. Dave, reads through Jame'sprofile, he has all the correct experience, qualifications and is a perfect match with his companies, ethics,environment and work style.

James is job hunting
Dave & James interview

Perfect! Let's get him in for an interview...

And just like that, James found his new job and Dave found his new employee.

So, why BeHunted?

From SME’s to PLC’s. BeHunted gives companies access to qualified candidates who want to work for them. BeHunted is specifically built to help lower staff turnover and increase new hire happiness, performance and retention. Discover why social media, job boards & agencies are falling short, register today to build a pipeline of talent eager to work for you.

Josh Young
BeHunted Founder

A note from BeHunted founder, Josh Young