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Struggling to get interviews?

It really isn’t your fault. Statistics have shown that 6 out of 10 people don’t know how to write a professional CV.

Now with only 30 seconds to impress that recruiter or employer is it really worth the risk having a mediocre CV? After all, professionally written CV’s have been proven to increase your chances of getting that interview.

A successful, engaging CV comes from knowing what to include and how to showcase your skills, expertise and personality to ensure your CV will stand out.

I have read through my new cv, and I am very excited with the outcome. I will keep you posted on my success.

Struggling to get a job
One of the only services to have all clients CV’s read and critiqued by a panel of ex-Company Directors and Business Experts.
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1Option One, CV Re-writing Service

includes BeHunted re-writing & editing your current CV.


2Option Two, CV Re-writing Service

includes BeHunted providing a brand new, tailored CV.

James with a succesful CV

How it works?

  • You decide if you would like BeHunted to create a CV or re-write your current one
  • One of our CV Consultants will contact you to get a greater understanding of your skills and work experience
  • Once we have everything we need to know, we will create a tailor made CV targeting your desired sector
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